Monday, May 28, 2007

Beignets for Breakfast!

This morning we began Memorial Day with a traditional New Orleans French breakfast treat. Beignets are the specialty of the French Quarter - the Vieux Carre - as they say here. These wonderful treats are made of deep fried dough which are then dredged through confectionary sugar - hum good; lately two of my most frequented food groups. They are the equivalent of "pizza frete" We waited 30 minutes in line at a small local cafe to grease our innards with these treats. I topped off my heart-healthy breakfast with homemade Pralines. These little sugar bombs are filled with nuts - probably pecans and tasted great for the first few bits then sugar shock set in. We didn't eat again until 8pm!

The day took us to the Canal Street Trolley line for a 40 minute ride out to Lake Ponchartrain and back. It remindered me of the street car ride that my Dad took me on as a young boy. The City of Rochester put its streetcars in the present 490 Expressway and operated them as a subway (unsuccessfully)for a few years. Anyway, Dad took me on a ride the week before the line was shut down. This delightful clanking, rumbling, purring experience reminded me of that day 55 years ago! Most of the street car lines are operating as New Orleans tries to get back on its feet.

We also took in an Imax movie called "Hurricane on the Bayou." It was produced by the Audubon Society. It was an excellent explanation of why Katrina was so disasterous and what can be done to keep these weather systems from reaking so much damage in the future. While it evoked a deep sense of sadness in me, it also left me with a feeling of hope.

CD's of the music in the movie were on sale afterwords. The profits support the educational efforts of the Audubon Society.

The sun was beating down upon us northerners so we retired to our hotel for a few hours until we stepped out for dinner. We have decided NOT to go to Mississippi tomorrow as we had planned as we have lots more to see in the Big Easy.

More to tell tomorrow!

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