Friday, May 18, 2007

Fort Davis, Texas - a window to the past

I write this in Ft Davis, TX. At the encouragement the Ranger at Carlsbad, we drove to this western Texas town to see the highest town in the state. The 5,050 foot elevation town takes it name from the fort that was established there in 1854 to provide protection for emigrants from the east from the Mescalaro Apache Indians who didn’t like their lands being invaded by the white man. The fort was built on the overland trail from San Antonio to El Paso. It is reportedly one of the best examples of a restored frontier fort in the country. Ray’s new Golden Senior Pass got us into this National Park for free. More information about this fascinating place can be found by clicking at: We spent the afternoon walking around the park visiting the portions of the fort that have been restored. The commissary, some of the barracks and a few of the officer’s residences have been reconstructed and furnished with furniture of the period.
The Fort stands on the old overland trail the stretched from San Antonio to El Paso. Many a traveller followed this route in search of California Gold and a new life in the wild west. It was a nice afternoon

We had dinner at the Limpia Hotel and went back to the motel to get a good night’s sleep before our dash to San Antonio some 400 miles to the east.

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