Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am feeling a little road weary as we pull into Galveston, Texas. It's been a long journey across the southwest. I had no idea how big Texas is!
We decided to stay two nights in a motel near the famous 32 mile long beach. It was a good rest from over 2200 miles in 6 days. I spent more time in the sun than Ray was able to, but when the day was done we were both more rested and relaxed and ready for today's driving to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

We left Galveston on TX Rt 87. To our delight this highway includes a free ferry across the Houston Shipping Channel to the Bolivar Peninsula.

On the way to a mega church in Lake Charles, we stopped around lunch time in Beaumont, TX, at a museum of energy. What's that, you ask? Well, it was two hours of touring a museum touting the effects/affects of oil exploration in the great state of Texas! The museum did a good job of historically tracing the need for A) a source of lighting energy for a burgeoning Industrial Revolution...candles, through whale oil, through coal oil/kerosene, through electricity; B) a heat energy source; C) a lubricant energy source to "grease" the new machinery of the Industrial Revolution; and D) Ka-boom!...transportation for the individual consumer, i.e. the personal automobile!

All this and Texas' role in it, too. It was way more than we wanted to know.

We did get to see the Trinity Baptist Church mega-church in Lake Charles by late afternoon. It amazes us how easily it is to get into these churches unchallenged, yet welcomed. Everyone we've met in these mega-churches so far have been friendly, smiling and helpful.

Tomorrow we head for Baton Rouge, four more mega-churches, and New Orleans by Saturday morning. I emailed the pastor of the Church of the Resurrection there, which Assumption and the other churches in Fairport have been assisting since Hurricane Katrina. So far I have yet to hear back from him.

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