Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Roswell, NM - Home of the International UFO Museum & Research Center

Today after touring the Legacy Church we drove south to Roswell, NM. This three and a half hour trip took us across the rolling prairies to the vast ranches where in July of 1947 intense thunderstorms demonstrated the power of the heavens. Amidst a blinding rain and electric-filled sky, radar tracked an object fall towards the Earth. Rumors of debris-strewn fields and a military cover up suggested a UFO had crashed in the Roswell area. The mystery of the "Roswell incident" attracts a host of visitors annually and today it included us. We had a great time exploring the museum various accounts of what happened and the stories of UFO and alien abductions from around the world.

Sixty years later the city of 45,000 seems to have taken it all in stride, some of its citizens cashing in on the rumors of cover up, some carrying on with life. many if the stores and shops around the museum carry the UFO theme. There is the "Out of this World Cafe" and the "Cover up Cafe" and the "Even Alien's Love Music Shop." The street light posts are painted with aliens eyes and several buildings have flying saucers in their motifs. The UFO Museum documents it all with the newspapers of the day as well as many of the UFO stories from around the globe. It was a few hours well spent and when closing time came, Ray and I felt we had gotten our $3 admission's worth.

Tomorrow we are off to Carlsbad Caverns.


CMB said...

WAY COOL!!!! Wish I were there.

Rhea said...

I drove there once while vacationing in Santa Fe. A long drive for some odd museums. But I am a UFO fan.