Friday, May 25, 2007

Church visits!

Today we drove to the Baton Rouge and Covington, LA to see a cluster of mega churches in this area. They have several things in common: they are growing fast, are relatively young (less than 25 years old), are dedicated to serving a cross cut of people of all ages and backgrounds and they use technology to enhance the worship experience. Several are charismatic in style, several are "seeker sensitive" - for people who do not feel connections with the churches of their origins.
We were greeted warmly and graciously in every church we stopped into unannounced. They tended to be large in size and multifaceted in their ministries.

Almost all had education programs for children as well as adults. Most had separate programs (and buildings) for smaller children whom they encouraged not to come to the adult service. Many of these communities were actively engaged in expansion of their facilities.

What I enjoyed the most was the sense of pride and ownership that came from the folks with whom we talked about their churches. They were admiring and appreciative of their Pastors, but it was their church, they were speaking for the body of sisters and brothers who together are the Body of Christ. Delightful!

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Anonymous said...

Texas is HUGE for sure, especially in a car. We've been to Carlsbad and to Roswell, too, but saw the bat exit - thousands of them. Your trip has been a delight for us to hear about. But you haven't mentioned the price of gasoline in the South - currently it's 3.15 for regular!! Yikes. Marty and George