Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The First Mega Church of the Road Trip

Today we checked out of our motel about 9am and headed over to one of the “mega churches” in the Albuquerque. Parishioner Joe Barnes had sent me contact information overnight via e-mail. Joe’s company manufactures and installs much of the high tech video equipment that many of the “mega churches” use in their worship spaces. Time was short, but we got in the car and went to Legacy Church to see what we could see. We found the place with no trouble and entered to high domed church’s auditorium where they have their Worship and Praise services.
As luck would have it, one of the Pastors named John, greeted us and showed us around in the short time that we had available. I’ll write more of this later, but I am posting a picture of the three screens that hang over the area where 2500 people seat for their Sunday Service. John was welcoming and helpful as he explained that their church is growing very fast and they are currently buildingx`` an area adjacent to the auditorium to accommodate the many children who come with their services. In many ways this church is like so many of the "mega churches": it's growing fast, appealing to famililes, welcomes newcomers and of course, makes use of video technology to enhance its services.

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